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Mergers & Acquisition Law

IMAGEColeman Stevenson, LLP represents acquirers and sellers in negotiated and contested merger and acquisition transactions. Our attorneys draw upon the expertise of a wide variety of specialties including tax, securities laws, employee benefits, environmental, labor and intellectual property, to form a wide base of knowledge and expertise for our clients.

Our approach to mergers and acquisitions is deeply rooted in the understanding of transactional realities. In many cases, it also means being very familiar with the applicable regulatory approval process and the issues that may arise, whether it be antitrust or a transaction in a regulated industry, to enable our clients to structure their transaction with a view towards obtaining all required approvals. A successful transaction needs not only to meet the needs of the buyer and seller, but also to preserve the value of the entity being bought or sold—and that means taking into account the needs and concerns of customers, employees, investors, lenders, and other corporate constituents. Our broad experience permits us to provide the best possible advice across the many issues that can arise in M&A, guided by our recognition of the commercial objectives of our clients.

We add value to our clients by properly structuring mergers and acquisitions that help small companies become large and help big companies further expand their competitive edge. Our attorneys serve as strategic business advisors, helping clients evaluate the risks and rewards of a potential transaction and solving problems that arise during the course of the negotiation and execution of the proposed transaction to their maximum advantage. Clients look to us for assistance and advice in every aspect of a transaction, including financing, regulatory approval, due diligence, operational concerns and closing and post-closing matters. We structure complex transactions in a tax-efficient manner to maximize economic benefits for our clients and their shareholders.

We work on friendly and contested transactions, real estate, spinoffs, private equity transactions, joint ventures and other acquisitions and divestitures. In addition to purely domestic transactions, we advise U.S. companies venturing abroad.

Mergers and acquisitions at every level involve considerable teamwork and collaboration. Lawyers from multiple disciplines within the Firm work not only with each other and with our clients, but also with investment bankers, accountants, and other advisors—and, usually, a similar team from the other party to the transaction. This teamwork with our clients and our colleagues, a hallmark of all of our practices, is particularly important in the efficient execution of transactions.